Apartament Aquatic SopotTropikalna Wyspa SopotCafe Bobliotekaw SopocieRestauracja Gruszka i Pietruszka w SopocieRestauracja Amici SopotRestauracja Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku w SopocieRestauracja Ukraineczka w SopocieRestauracja Synfonia Smaków SopotBufet Kolorowe Talerzyki w SopocieCafe żaścianek w SopocieInstytut KOsmetologii NGPierogarnia Jarek Pierogowski w SopocieCamping Metropolis SopotMaridian Molo w SopocieBilly's American Reastaurant SopotPlażarnia SopotSanatorium Kamienny Potok SopotCamping 45 w SopocieKartcenter SopotHostel Stacja Plaża SopotHotel Miramar SopotMarina Apartments SopotHOtel Opera SopotApartament 24 SopotPokazy LotniczeBar Guanabana SopotKarta Turysty GdańskBlinkees SopotSklep Soologiczny Borsuk SopotApartament Loft SopotApartament Saltic SopotApartament Muszelka SopotVilla Rosa w SopocieApartament Plażowy w SopocieApartament Panorama w SopocieGabinet Medycyny Estetycznej w Sopocie - MetamorfozyTaksówka w SopocieTransfer na Lotnisko z SopotuTeatra Wybrzeże w Sopocie, Scena KameralnaMuzeum Stutthof w SopocieMuzeum SopotuTeatr Atelier w SopocieSklep Monopolowy AlcatrazMini Market LewiatanBar Balticana na plaży w SopocieTawerna Rybaki na plaży w SopocieBar Przystań na plaży w SopocieBar Plaża Rybaki na plaży w SopocieRestauracja Pomarańczowa Plaża na plaży w Sopocie Tawerna Piaskownica na plaży w Sopocie Restauracja Tajska w SopocieReastauracja i Lounge bar w sopocieBulaj , restauracja na plaży w SopocieSkansen Grodzisko w SopocieRejsy Szybką MotorówkąRiksze w Sopocie Tramwaj Wodny w SopocieWypożyczalnia Alfa rowery w Sopocie Lodziarnia Gunga House w Sopocie Sheline Beauty w Gdańsku Transport z lotniska w Gdańsku Taxi w Gdańsku - Super Halo Taxi Wypożyczalnia Rowerów przy Hotelu Królewskim Przyjaciółki Cafe w Sopocie Tetr Szekspirowski w Gdańsku Imperial Apartments w Sopocie Sandent - Centrum Stomatologiczne w Sopocie Aquapark w Sopoci Exit Plan w Sopocie Kolibki Adventure Park w Trójmieście Restauracja Szafarnia w nad Motławą Popłyń Statkiem na Westerplatte Statek wycieczkowy Pirat w Sopocie Villa Baltica na morzem w Sopocie Restauracja Manca w Sopocie Hala Targowa w Gdańsku Kamienica Ogrodowa w Sopocie The Mexican Sopot restauracja Familia Marco Polo w Sopocie Tawerna Dominikańska nad Motławą Bar u Szkota na gdańskiej starówce Restauracja Swojski Smak w Gdańsku Villa Flaming nad morzem w Sopocie Klub Red Light w Gdańsku Subway w Sopocie na Monte Casino Restauracja Panorama w Gdańksu Smażalnia Ryb Oskar w Gdańsku No To Cyk w Gdańsku Tawerna Mestwin w Gdańsku Hostel Gorge w Centrum Sopotu Restauracja Literacka w Gdańsku Restauracja Cesky Film Bioway Gdańsk Old Town Hostel w Gdańsku Midtown Hostel Willa Biała Lilia w Gdańsku Resaturacja, Beach Klub Zatoka Sztuki w Sopocie Fabryka Cukierków w Sopocie Restauracja Mesa w Sopocie Sister Lodge Hostel w centrum Sopotu Hotel Bursztyn nad morzem w Sopocie Mc Donalds w Sopocie Arcadia Spa Apartament Parkowy w Sopocie World Hostel La Pampa Restauracja U Przyjaciół w Sopocie Wypożyczalnia Alfa rowery w Sopocie Riksze Taxi w Sopocie Tramwaj Wodny w Sopocie Statek wycieczkowy Pirat w Sopocie

UNIQUE, illustrated guide SOPOT  - Pearl of Baltic


There is no doubt that Sopot is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Europe. Picturesque beaches, beautiful architecture, pubs, cafes, bars on the sand create a unique atmosphere of this beautiful resort. Every visitor looking for information on Sopot will find a lot of materials both in print and online. Our website is designed to provide a large amount of information on a single, clear and easy-to-use page. This map of Sopot above is design in such a way that even our youngest readers find it friendly and interesting. Traveling with the cursor on the map is a brilliant way to plan your day. Just hover the cursor over places to visit with restaurants, bars, hotels and tourist attractions. This is all without leaving this one page. For Polish-speaking tourists we prepared similar material in Polish language at MapkazDaszkiem.com.

You can find Free, printed version of the map, at any tourist information, at most of the hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions all over the Tri-City.


Sopot offers a very wide range of accommodation. Depending on preference.



Villa Antonina, Villa Aqua, Villa Baltica, Villa Hestia, Villa Karat II, Villa Marea

Villa Sedan




Na Baltyckiej Apartments, Imperial Apartments, Victus Apartamenty, Royal Apartments




Bayjonn, Bursztym, Chinese - Zhog Hua, Dom Studenta, Europa, Grand, Haffner, LaLaLa, Helios (Sanatorium), Mera , Novotel, OSW Baltic, Rezydent, Sheraton, Soleil,




Belfer, Maryla, Pensjonat Irena, Pansjonat Wanda,



Central Hostel





Dworek Admirał

Where to eat in the center of Sopot?

Sopot is known in the world mainly from its beautiful views, unique atmosphere and tasty food. The choice of restaurants is so large that it is difficult to convey this information in a nutshell. But we will try. Here is a list of places that Map-Shack recommends


Balticana , Bar Przystań , Tawerna Black Pearl , Bar 33 , Blue Pudel,Bulaj ,Cafe Julka (known for best pierogies in town!),Cream Music Club , Bakłażan, Image, Koliba , Marabell , Meridian , Petit Paris, Piaskownica , Pinokio, Secesja, Sioux, Smak Morza, Smakosz, Spatif, Stary Rower, Pirate Ship , Sushi 77,Tawerna Rybaki ,The Mexican , Tropikana,Tropikalna Wyspa ,Versalka ,Zloty Ul , Biale Wino i Owoce, Black Pearl, Green Way, Plaza Rybaki, Texan

FAST-FOOD in Sopot

Green Way, KFC, Mc. Donald

CAFES in Sopot

Best place for coffee and cake are: Blue Pudel, Bar 33 , Cafe Julka (known for excellent pierogies - yum!), Cream Music Club  on the beach, La Crema , Meridian, Smak Morza on the beach, Spatif on Monte Casino street , Tajemniczy Ogród-cukiernia, Tropikana, W Biegu Cafe, Cafe Zaścianek - very charming place away from crowds near Monte Cassino Str - go!.


Sopot is alive at night perhaps even more intensely than during the day. Our favorite places are:

Bar 33, Bulaj, Festus Wine Shop, Koliba, Papryka, Piaskownica, SPATiF, Tropikana, Versalka,Biale Wino i Owoce,Pirate Ship, Black Pearl, Pinokio, .Plaza Rybaki, Zloty Ul
While planning the evening you must visit  our site "LET‘S PARTY". You'll quickly find out  what is happening today across the whole Tri-city. Here you will learn about recurring events and spontaneous events in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

TAXI in Sopot

Taxis are everywhere and readily available in Sopot. Just like everywhere in the world - the price you pay for a trip depends on whether or not you ordered a trustworthy taxi service. Do not experiment, order recommended by us carriers. We trusted: Monte Taxi tel.19-664 or 58 555 1414, Taxi Service tel 19-194 City Plus Taxi tel 58 668 00 00, - where the from the border of Gdansk to Wejherowo territory there no extra zone charges, Hallo Express Taxi ------ 191-90 and Super Halo Taxi.All those taxi services are accepting major credit cards. When ordering a taxi by phone it is worth mentioning its intention to pay by credit card. Have a nice trip!


Cafes, the beach, the pier .... Sopot itself is a big tourist attraction. As if that was not enough, you can find great times at Aquapark, where you will find  a whole bunch of pools, slides and saunas, bowling, massage and many other attractions.

We also recommend The Sopot Center for Sports & Recreation. Not everyone knows this charming place, located in the upper Sopot.This is picturesquely situated, modern Fitness Club that  offers swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, gym, squash, tennis, solarium, massage - ENJOY!

Speed ‌‌lovers will have fun at Kart Center (Gokarts)- what a rush!!!.
Lighthouse at the pier is open daily for visitors. Do not go there without a camera - you need to capture the views.
Sopot’s incredible views are greatly enhanced by a vintage Pirated Ship moored at the Sopot‘s pier - the longest wooden pier in Europe. It doesn't only add to the beauty of the place , but also works as sailing cruise ship, restaurant and bar. You can enjoy a true pirate’s feast in  rhythm of shanties, along the views offered by the Gulf of Gdansk. The crew is lovely, food delicious and the beer and rum taste much better here than on land- AHOJ!

Tri-City becomes more and more bike friendly every year. You can bike along Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot with ease. There are many bike trails in the forest and by the beach. It is a good idea to rent a bike if you don’t have your own. We recommend Ski Bike store/shop. You will find honest and excellent service there.


Center of Sopot, particularly -  Monte Casino Street is filled with one of the kind boutiques. Souvenirs can also be purchased at street shops. Antiques seekers we will send to Antikon. This charming gallery includes porcelain, paintings, sculptures, antiques, period furniture, beautiful paintings.

Noteworthy is Festus Wine Shop - a unique  Wine Shop . Not only can you find here fine wines but also taste some.

For groceries we are sending you to Delikatessen Alma in Upper Sopot - This is a big store - a wide range of goods, the best place for larger and smaller groceries.


Our favorite place is a Small Stage in Sopot and reknown Sopot's Forest Theatre. Film lovers will be happy to go toMultikino - Movie Theatre in the heart of the city, and enthusiasts of big sporting  or music events are advised to check out what is happening in Ergo Arena - Gdansk-Zabianka.


Those interested in  history will enjoy Museum of Sopot and the Museum of Stutthof .


Many mansions  and villas offer meeting rooms in the historic and charming interiors of old architecture. For larger groups most popular are: Hotel Grand, Hotel and Health Resort Sharaton.


OK, well, here is the deal with historical monuments in Sopot. Sopot is just filled with them, they are mostly owned privately.  Around nearly every corner you will find a building of a unique architecture. There is a history almost behind all of them. It is just fascinating to learn who lived and work there, who stayed for vacation, which one was destroyed by Nazis . We recognized here a few that are marked on the map as monuments :The Evangelical Church,  The Lighthouse - [according to http://park-miniatur-latarni.pl] "This lighthouse Sopot (36.9 meters high) used to be a hospital chimney. When the hospital's boiler house was modernized, the chimney became useless. It was reconstructed and a beacon was installed. Originally, it was not considered a lighthouse due to its limited range of 5 nautical miles. It became a lighthouse following the upgrading of the old lantern and increasing its range to 17 nautical miles. Currently, the range is 7 nautical miles, so the site is no longer considered a lighthouse ". , Church St. George, Dworek (Manor) Sierakowskich.


Don’t stop here! Research for historical monuments in Sopot - go http://sopot.pl